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At Blue J Coffee Co. we are extremely passionate about coffee, there's no room in this world for mediocre coffee, each and every cup should be perfect. That's why we spent so long perfecting our blend and now have a range of coffees, one for every occasion.

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Blend 34

A perfectly balanced blend of 90% Arabica beans from different regions with 10% Washed Indian Robusta. This dark roast blend produces a strong and powerful coffee, that has slight notes of red berries, without the harsh bitterness. Ground fresh this blend is perfect for espresso. It produces an intense and thick caramel crema and doesn't lose its taste when combined with milk.

Bourbon Light

This blend of 100% Arabica beans from different regions, roasted slightly lighter than our Café Bar blend. It produces a smooth and chocolatey coffee with a hint of fruitiness and a subtle acidity. This blend is great for use at home, enjoyed however you brew your coffee.

Colombian Filter

100% Colombian

100% Fairtrade

Unbelievably smooth, this coffee delivers an intense depth of flavour which is perfectly dosed and ground in 60g sachets; perfect and consistent time after time. With filter papers included, you're ready to brew and enjoy.

Love Coffee                    Love Brewing                  Love YOUR Way

 Discover Your New Brew Favourite?

With numerous different ways to brew and enjoy coffee at home which is the best? 

Well for a start theres no best way, coffee as it should be, is very personal. Different brew methods create different charecteristics in the final cup. Don't just get stuck in a rut, theres a whole world of heavenly coffee to be brewed, try them all.

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